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Your Privacy

Massey Tractor Parts is committed to respecting your privacy. In general, you can visit Massey Tractor Parts without revealing any information about yourself. We do collect information regarding visitors to our Web site. Some information is required in order to process orders, for example. We analyze this data for trends and statistics to help us provide you with a better service.

Privacy Policy

To process your order, we require your name, billing address, phone number, email address and credit card information. We use this information to process your order and, if any questions should arise, to contact you about your order. If we need to contact you, we will contact you via email first. If unsuccessful (or time is critical), we will try to contact you by phone.

Any information provided by you may be used for Massey Tractor Parts purposes for example marketing via email, phone, post, social media and other third party partners such as Google. Massey Tractor Parts may need to provide your name and delivery address to other third parties that are involved in the processing of your order uses for delivering specific services to you (for example, the financial institution that issued your credit card or the courier that delivers your order).

Your information will not be shared with individual or other companies (such as direct mail organizations or other third parties) unless required by law.

There are times when we may request information from you, such as your, name, address and e-mail address. When additional information is requested, we will try to let you know at the time of collection how we intend to use the personal information you provide, such as respond to your inquiry, accept an order, conduct a survey or allow you to access specific information such as account information, etc. We do our best to maintain the accuracy of any personal information you do supply to us.

You can help Massey Tractor Parts update and maintain the accuracy of any personal information you supply by using the account profile pages or notifying Massey Tractor Parts of any changes to your address, title, phone number or e-mail address.

Cookie Information

Cookies are small bits of text used by a browser to store information on your computer’s hard drive. Each cookie can only be read by the web server that originally issued it. Cookies cannot profile your system or collect information from your hard drive. Most On-Line retailers use cookies. Massey Tractor Parts uses Cookies to let us know you are a prior customer and thus you will not need to re-enter certain information every time you shop at the site. We do not use cookies to store credit card numbers, address information or any other personal information.

1. What types of cookies are set?

We use cookies for many reasons; primarily to personalise content so that you see products which are relevant to you and to speed up processes such as logging in checking out.

We also use cookies to provide us with feedback about how people use our website so that we can improve the customer experience. You can see a full list of cookies and choose which ones you accept by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

2. How long they persist on your user’s browser

Cookies will be stored in your browsers memory for 13 months or until you clear your cookies. To clear your cookies go to your browser settings and remove the cookies you no longer wish to have stored.

3. What data they track/the categories of personal information collected

Each cookie has a different function and you can see which category each cookie falls in to by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. We categorise cookies into 3 buckets

  • Essential: These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of the website. They are first party cookies which means we do not share any information with other organisations.
  • Functional: These cookies are about site performance. Allowing these cookies will improve your experience of the site for example by allowing access to live chat.
  • Social media and Advertising: These cookies are related to social features like sharing products to your social networks. Cookies in this category are also related to advertisers to tell advertisers about your shopping preferences so that they can show you relevant products in the future.

We use cookies to store the settings you choose relating to language, country and currency and we also store information such as recently viewed products and products which you have added to your basket but these cannot be used to identify you personally. Personal information you share with us is stored in the ‘My Account’ section but this is not stored in cookies.